5 Ways To Stop Feeder Hindering Weight Loss

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5 Ways To Stop Feeder Hindering Weight Loss

Have you finally decided to make a lifestyle switch by eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly? Great! However there are a few obstacles on your path to weight loss and better health. One of those obstacles? A “feeder.”

A “feeder” could be anyone. A parent, friend, spouse or a co-worker. The feeders aren’t usually ill-intentioned. However, they can still make it too easy for you to pack on the pounds. More luckily there are simple strategies you can try to use to ensure feeders don’t derail your diet efforts. The 5 of these strategies are revealed here.

1: Tell people of your new lifestyle and why you’re doing it

How will they know if you do not share? No one is going to know you’re trying to get healthy if you don’t tell them! Once you decide to change your lifestyle, then tell your family, friends and even your co-workers. When they know you’re trying to lose weight, they aren’t going to keep pushing to you unhealthy food. Moreover, if they do, you can remind them of your efforts to be healthier and fit.

2: Learn how to humbly say “no!”

Respectful in declining! You don’t have to be rude, but you should feel like you can say “no” if anyone offers you something you don’t want to eat. Try to be persistent and stick to your weight loss planning.

It’s important you never feel pressured to say “yes” just because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

3: Learn some of self-control

Sometimes the feeders are unlikely sources. Thus it is in the fact, that sometimes they can be your kids. When you are snacking on your kids’ then the leftovers or meals can add up in both calories and pounds. Thus place any leftovers immediately in containers to be stored away, or in the garbage if you aren’t saving the food. All this will assist in eliminating your ability to pick at food almost as an impulse reaction and unintentionally eat more calories than you should.

Even if you don’t have kids of your own then you may pick at your own leftovers! This helps to make self-control important for everyone if you want to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

4: Accept the food but don’t you eat it

Here is the thing with feeders. They sometimes won’t take “no” for an answer. Thus if you encounter someone like this, then it’s best to just accept the treat and hide it, sneak and give it to someone else, or throw it away later.

You can always tell the person that you aren’t hungry now but will eat it later so as not to raise eyebrows when it’s still sitting on your desk or on your kitchen counter later.

5: Spend more time around like-minded people

When you spend all your time with your friends who just want to eat out or go out for drinks, then you’re likely going to gain weight or feel like you’re losing your friends when you don’t want to do the same things as what they are doing. This makes it more important to spend some time around the individuals who are with many healthy habits. As they will support you and help you thrive.

Time to Get your diet on track and reduce “feeder” weight gain

With 1st recognizing the feeders in your life and then using these strategies above to deter them, you can stay on the track with your weight loss aim. And if you need any help in getting started or staying motivated, then PhenQ is an effective, comprehensive weight loss supplement that will help you to burn fat, boost energy and also stay motivated.

Then answer this now as who are the feeders in your life? The chances are that there are more than you may think.

How do you track your protein intake? Tell us your tips in the comments below.

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